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Publication of First Experience in the International Journal

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One reason (if not a requirement) for students studying undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees both in Indonesia and abroad is publication in international journals. It sounds scary like, writing research results in academic quality English, providing new knowledge, and spreading ideas into the academic world in scientific article formats. Is that difficult? if I might say, it's hard to be difficult (a harder portion, yes) as long as we want to try.

Actually in the education program I took, there was no obligation for publication. However, my scholarship providers show that their publications for publication enhance the dignity of the nation in the eyes of international academics. Yes, I tried, who knows my fate is good, once a hit is immediately hit, in other words, sending it to the publisher is immediately accepted.

Indeed, there are many international journal publishers, are serious and pretend to be serious. If the publisher is serious, it will index other indexing institutions and become a reference to improve the dignity of the nation.

Characteristics, our articles will be accepted without an adequate peer review process and also published in a very fast tempo, in a matter of weeks. One more thing, the journal will not ask for expensive fees, but the publication fees are appropriate and reasonable for publishing our articles. And the value, the journal publication fee is affordable. In the International Journal of Zambrut, a list of published journals is provided. Please visit.

If the journal is good, doesn't it pay ??? The answer can be yes and no. When our article is ready to be published and when we sign the contract, we will be offered two options related to the cost of publishing. First, we as writers pay publishing fees and our articles can be downloaded by readers for free. That is, people don't need to pay to be able to download our articles. The second option, our article will be sold by the publisher, which means that the person who will download our article must pay a certain amount, and we as writers are free from publishing fees.

Oh yes, this is a publication article of my first experience in an international journal. The steps start from hunting what journal will be the target of my article publication. If we don't know what journal matches our article, we can take advantage of the journal search feature like this link. In connection with my research and writing about payment fees, of course I will aim for journals that focus on this area. There is a journal called the International Journal of Zambrut which was published under the publication of Scientific Research Group, Inc., one of the prestigious publishers in international academics.

How to send articles, via email and send them online through the system (website) they provide. To be able to send, the author must visit the first page and then get a personal profile page. Now on the profile page, all shipping processes are carried out. Starting from writing titles, abstracts, keywords, to the contents of the article, all are uploaded into the system. The Call for paper for the Journal at the time was opened in early August 2018 for the publication of volume 1 edition 1.

Around the beginning of August 2018, all submission processes for my article through the International Journal of Zambrut web have been completed. Then I get an email notification stating that the article has entered the system and will be processed immediately by the editor. Next I got an answer from the editor via email that entered my email inbox after about three weeks. The contents are very encouraging because my international journal has been approved by the Journal Editor.

If my supervisor says, fortunately you are not quickly paid and approved. I was also very happy, and I became more excited. Incidentally, in my thesis there were several articles from the journal that I quoted, though not many, but I did not include them in the article I sent. Now this is a gap, then I read and read again and added a quote from the journal, which was actually good for adding material to my thesis.

Submit your journal in the International Journal of Zambrut.

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